St. Louis uses big second period to beat Cincinnati, 8-0

Dec 5, 2015

St. Louis scored three goals in the second period to pull away from Cincinnati and clinch an 8-0 win.

St. Louis got the win behind a great game by Alex Klaesner, who had one goal and two assists. Klaesner scored 1:51 into the second period to make the score 2-0 St. Louis. Ezekiel Estrada assisted on the tally.

St. Louis\’ penalty kill excelled, as St. Louis gave up zero goals despite allowing nine power plays.

St. Louis was often in penalty trouble, totaling 11 minors and one major for 37 minutes in penalty time. The total exceeded the 19.0 minutes per game St. Louis had been spending in the box. St. Louis forced Cincinnati\’s goalies to work between the pipes, finishing with 32 shots and forcing 24 saves. Brian Tempel made nine stops and Daniel Dolliver made 15. St. Louis stifled Cincinnati\’s power play, and did not give up a single goal while down a man. St. Louis\’ defensive play was more effective than usual against Cincinnati. St. Louis gives up 2.6 goals on average per game. St. Louis found the back of the net more times than it usually has this season. This season, St. Louis averages 5.9 goals per contest. St. Louis\’ defensemen played an important role in the offense, chipping in two goals.

St. Louis also got points from Tomas Loeffelman, who also grabbed three goals and two assists to lead the team in points, Sam Maddox, who also registered one goal and three assists, Joe Nolan, who also tallied one goal and one assist, and Hayden Smer, who also racked up one goal and one assist. St. Louis also got a goal from Frankie Melton as well. More assists for St. Louis came via Daniel Dunaway, who had two and Teddy Cardinale and Austin Dempski, who contributed one each.

Cincinnati racked up the penalties in the contest, and ended with seven minors and one major for 39 minutes in penalty time. Cincinnati surpassed its season average of 21.0 penalty minutes per game. Cincinnati could not produce up to its normal offensive output. Cincinnati averages 2.5 goals per game. Cincinnati\’s penalty kill was ineffective, and let in three goals to St. Louis\’ power play unit.

Zach Young rejected 18 shots on goal for St. Louis.