Billet Information

If you think you have room in your house to add a hockey player, please contact our team staff and we will put you in contact with our billet committee.

The benefits of being a billet family are numerous: families get to meet young men from across the country (or, indeed, around the world), get a season pass to Jr. Blues games, and receive a stipend to help cover the extra cost of food. Plus, hockey players make great role models for families with young children!

What is a host family?

A host family provides room and board to our players. The family houses our players from mid August until the playoffs are over in March.

What is expected of a host family?

A host family is expected to create a family like atmosphere for the player. The host family is also to create a fun and safe environment for a player to call home. Additionally, host families are to provide food and/or meals for players while they are home, as well as a bed to sleep.

Does a host family get paid?

Yes. Host families will receive a monthly payment of $400 per player to cover the cost of food.

Why should someone host family players?

Host family is a very rewarding experience for both the players and the family. The goal of host family is to create a “home” for players while they are working toward their goals of advancing their hockey career. The student-athletes are in St. Louis to give back to the community while trying to move to the next level. By becoming part of your “family”, host families have the opportunity to create a special bond with players that can last a lifetime.

Who are the players?

The Jr. Blues players are 16-20 year old from across the US, Canada, and Europe. High school aged players will finish school and high school graduates will take Jr. College classes, work a job, or engage in team activities during the day while participating with the Jr. Blues practices Monday – Friday with games on Saturday and Sundays.

Why the Jr. Blues need YOU!

Host family families are an important part of the organization. Host family spends more time with the players than the coaching staff, which makes them the most influential people in the player’s lives. The Jr. Blues are currently looking for host families for the upcoming season.

If you are interested in being a host family, please contact billet coordinator Kasey Kaiser via email at to learn more and get involved!

Prospective billet families should download this handbook for more information: