Melton’s hat trick boosts St. Louis over Cincinnati, 7-4

Jan 10, 2016

Frankie Melton netted a hat trick to lead St. Louis over Cincinnati, 7-4.

Melton\’s first goal came 11:29 into the first period. He then added goals at 1:24 into the third and at 19:05 into the third.

Cincinnati was unable to stop St. Louis from sending pucks towards the net, and St. Louis eventually piled up 47 shots on goal.

St. Louis also got points from Brian Schumacher, who also racked up one goal and two assists and Daniel Dunaway, who also had one goal and one assist. Others who scored for St. Louis included Frankie Cardinale and Joe Nolan, who each put in one. More assists for St. Louis came via Ian Dvorak, Cameron Pries, and Teddy Cardinale, who contributed one each and Tomas Loeffelman and Alex Klaesner, who each chipped in two.

Cincinnati was helped by Jacob Friedman, who tallied two goals. Friedman scored the first of his two goals at 2:26 into the second period to make the score 2-1 Cincinnati. James Frantz picked up the assist. Friedman\’s next tally made the score 3-2 Cincinnati with 8:40 left in the second period. Grant Kiepper provided the assist. Cincinnati additionally got points from Brenden Williams, who also registered one goal and one assist. Darcy Robinson also scored for Cincinnati. Other players who recorded assists for Cincinnati were Samuel Dorff, Taylor Hamilton, Justin Bioni, Rory Callihan, and Cobin Sanborn, who contributed one each.

St. Louis\’ Dvorak stopped 23 shots out of the 27 that he faced. St. Louis incurred 10 minutes in penalty time with five minors. Brian Tempel made 40 saves for Cincinnati on 47 shots. Cincinnati incurred 42 minutes in penalty time with six minors. For Cincinnati, Hamilton was ejected from the game.