Dec 12, 2018

“Peace on earth, and goodwill toward men.” This has always been one of the most important messages of the Christmas season, and has stood firm no matter how many ads for cheap goods flood our screens.

For the second straight year, members of the St. Louis Jr. Blues have have done their bit to spread good will towards their fellow men by adopting five families who have recently immigrated to America and presenting them with Christmas gifts. Partnering with St. Francis Community Services‘ Southside Center, the Jr. Blues players and staff each purchased toys, gift cards, and household items for their family, learning about their journey to America and life here in the process.

Assistant coach Greg Anderson once again led the team in adopting the families, as he and his own family have done for several years. “I’ve always believed that part of the junior hockey experience should be not only growing as an athlete but also as a human being,” he said. “This is a great reminder for these young men of how lucky they are to be where they are, and how they need to be good citizens as well as good hockey players.”

While schedules did not permit the Jr. Blues to give their gifts directly to their adopted families, several players did get a chance to visit the Southside Center and meet with representatives there. “It was great to meet with the St. Francis crew and learn just exactly how important what we’re doing is,” said captain Joe Papa.