Bobby Brown Skates With The Bandits

Nov 9, 2011

Bobby Brown came to St. Louis this summer to skate with the St. Louis Bandits of the North American Hockey League.  Although things didn't work out for Brown at their main camp, the Bandits had interest in keeping him close so they could keep tabs on him.  Here enters the Jr. Blues where Brown signed with the hope of getting the opportunity to skate with the Tier II Bandits.  He gets his chance this week after Head Coach J.P. Beilsten got a call from Bandits Coach Jeff Brown to bring him up to the Tier II team.  He will skate with the Bandits the rest of this week and, hopefully, get a chance to show his development this weekend in the Bandits three games.  Beilsten said, "Here is a kid that played Canadian juniors last year and one of the last players cut from the Bandits that could have come down to us with an attitude of being better than this level.  What we got was a kid that worked hard every game, every practice and is a great 'team' guy.  He wants his teammates to succeed and will do whatever he can to support them.  I know he wants to be at Tier II, but we'd happily take him back if this is just a short-term call up.  Of course we would rather just see him at next years alumni game, too!"