Alumni Come Back For Rocking Time!

Mar 9, 2011

(Pictured are the participants of the second game.  Alumni from the Jim Giacin and Jack Behan era teams)

A big THANK YOU to all of the former players and their families for attending Saturday night's Alumni Game!  The 2011 players were excited to see so many former players out supporting them! 

The 50/50 ticket was claimed that night at the game.  The winning ticket won around $650, the largest amount ever!  It was so big, even the linesmen got word and wanted to know if it was too late to purchase tickets during the game!  So, if you have a ticket, you can throw it away.

A special thank you to Chris Flaugher, alumni and former Assistant Coach, for arranging this exciting event!  Without him, none of this would have happened!  If you are interested in playing next year, be sure to join our Facebook page and send an e-mail to , to be added to the list.

In attendance were:

Bob Bucher
John Matthews
Randy Staub/ St. Marys University
Matt Hrubes
Joe Fresta
Tim Rumph/ Souix City/ U of W Eau Claire? or something like that
Ron Zarron
John Jost/ St. Thomas, U of W River Falls
Jeff LoGrasso
Scott Rupp
Pat Sorrentino
Brian Jakubeck
John Oliver
Steve Walters
Gary Brown/ U of Miami Ohio
Randy Fortner
Dave Freeman
Tom Jost
Chris Hinister
Tom Hoeynck
Gus Jacoby
Nick Carosello/ Helena AFHL
Nathan Weaver/ SLU
Andy Nea
Mike Lynch
Aaron Vickar/ North Dakota, Lake Forrest College
Matt Jost/ St. Mary's University, SLU
Steve Bargae
Craig Herweck
Craig Rofeling
Jason Coldwater
Chad St. Peters
Tommy Brown
Jim Giacin/ St. Lawrence University
Steve Williamson
Dave Rainey
Jeff Hayes
Chris Flaugher/ St. Mary's University
Chad Rooney
Eric Ormson
Derek Stephens/ St. Louis Sting, UCONN, MO River Otters
Shannon Lewendoski
Ed Nea
Mike Jost
Chris Kellogg/ St. Louis Sting, SLU
Ben Lamperti
Greg Billmeyer/ Mizzou
Travis Wood/ WSt. Louis Sting, Waterloo, UCONN
Dale Sundbakken
Chris Rakel
Scott Brandes
Craig Miller
Brendan Doud
Andy Croak/ St. Louis Sting, Findley University DI
Stewart Scott
Mario Boccardi
Jay Roux
Greg Anderson/ Marion, Robert Morris
Grant Boyd
Pete Vishion
Derek Albers/ Robert Morris
Graham Murphey/ Springfield Spirit, St. Mary's University
Pat Dolan
Justin Roux
Tony Miller
Pete Wildhaber
Phil Blackwood/ SLU
Kevin Heldorfer/ Compuware
Joe Watson/ Springfield Spirit/ Utica
Corey Adelman
Jim Licka/ St.Louis Sting
Brendan Mongey
Pete Weschlo/ Bethel College
Chris Hutton
Nathan Hucker
Jimmy Jost III